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Serbian 101 Course Review
by Amanda Marshall, 2015

I have been working with Marina twice a week through Udemy since late August and LOVE her and all of her videos and classroom work through Udemy. It is so helpful to be able to log in at any time during the day or night and listen and watch her videos. She breaks each lesson down very well and makes it simple to learn and to interact and practice on my own before our classtime. I will highly recommend Marina to other friends as well as Udemy!

by Леонидас Лаинис, 2014

It is a worth-taking course for learning the basic Serbian. It really helps you have a small talk with Serbian people. Furthermore the teacher is very helpful so you'll never have to study alone having unanswered questions.

Serbian 101

Serbian 101 & 102 is perfect for absolute and false beginners in Serbian. It is organized in such a way that you can either follow it chronologically, or choose only the topics you are interested in. Each topic consists of an explanatory video lesson and then video exercises with links to follow-up quizzes with instant feedback.There are more than 100 lessons making well over 10 hours of video lessons and exercises which take you from the very start to the pre-intermediate level:

Free Lessons and Exercises

Chapter Free Video Free Exercise Practice Premium PDF
Chapter 1 Cyrillic Script Latin Script Exercise 1 PDF M1 L1
Chapter 2 Verb TO BE Pronouns & To Be Introductions PDF M2 L1
Chapter 2 To Be Negative Vocabulary Exercise PDF M2 L2
Module 2 Adjectives 1 Exercise Exercise PDF M2 L3
Chapter 2 Greetings Adjectives 2 Exercise PDF M2 L4
Chapter 3 Numbers 1 Exercise Exercise PDF M3 L1
Chapter 3 Numbers 2 How much is it? Exercise PDF M3 L2
Chapter 3 Time What's the time? Exercise PDF M3 L3
Chapter 4 Personal Info Guessing Game Exercise PDF M4 L1
Chapter 4 Possessive Adjectives Drill Exercise PDF M4 L2
Chapter 4 Introductions 1 Names Occupations PDF M4 L3
Chapter 4 Text Explained Exercise PDF M4 L4
Chapter 5 Verbs Routines Exercise PDF M5 L1
Chapter 5 Food Explained To Have Exercise PDF M5 L2
Chapter 5 Food Vocabulary Practice Exercise PDF M5 L3

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