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Worth every cent.
Note that I am an English language teacher living in Serbia. I think that this course (Serbian 101) is excellent and has been designed to lead you along by the hand as all language instruction should. If that is not praise enough, my Serbian friends noticed and commented on my impoved speaking without knowing that I had enrolled on the course. Marina is better than my face to face teacher.
2015, Ben Chapple, UK (Udemy Testimonial on Serbian 101)

Marina has been a fantastic teacher. She has taken me from knowing absolutely no Serbian and brought me to a level where I am excited to live and thrive in a country where they speak Serbian. I have recommended her and will continue to pass her name along for other students who are interested in learning. I look forward to continuing to keep in touch with her.
2014, Katie, USA (Myngle Testimonial)

Another great lesson; excellent format enjoying every minute!
2013, Kosara, Australia (Myngle Testimonial)

Marina is so flexible and helpful when you want to learn about a specific topic! She customizes the lessons to suit your needs and interests! She always makes me feel as though I am improving and I always feel challenged and excited for her classes - the classes always fly by!
2013, Jayme from USA (Myngle Testimonial)

Marina's lessons are extremely well planned, highly interactive and challenging - I am making great progress with the Serbian lessons.
2012, David, England (Myngle Testimonial)

Marina is brilliant. Her classes are filled with a positive feeling atmosphere, which makes me feel comfortable and relaxed. I have thoroughly enjoyed our lessons, and thus have made noticeable and swift inroads with my progress. I look forward to many more lessons in the coming weeks.
2011, Vladan, Australia (Edufire Testimonial)

I'm loving this course so far and am enjoying the examples. I like how much you learn in such a short time.
2011, Antonio from Italy (Udemy Testimonial on Serbian 102)

I'm loving this course so far and am enjoying the examples. I like how much you learn in such a short time.
2010, Mandy, South African Republic (Udemy Testimonial on Serbian for Beginners)

Marina is a wonderful teacher, I'm learning a lot of new words. Highly recommended!
2009, Paul, UK (Myngle Testimonial)

I really recommend Marina as an online teacher. She provides comprehensive lessons combining study and fun. You never know what to expect next so you never get bored. She's a professional who knows how to transfer knowledge to others.
​2008, Edita, Poland (Edufire Testimonial)

This was my 12th lesson I believe and I'm getting more and more confident with the Serbian language and the pronunciation of it :) Marina is a great teacher and the lessons are well organized! :)
2008, Stephen from the Netherlands (Myngle Testimonial)

Marina's a great teacher. She's so encouraging and helpful. Her materials are clear and useful. I'd really recommend her lessons, even if you're a bit nervous about it (she'll soon make you feel comfortable with it).
2008, Johanna from UK (Myngle Testimonial)

Marina is an excellent curriculum course designer who combines extensive experience with a preceptive approach to the needs of clients and other stakeholders
2003-04, James Sutherland-Smith for British Council, Serbia (LinkedIn Testimonial)

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